Main Functions of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department

(1)      To Carry out construction of new projects including hydro electricity generating with Multipurpose Dam projects after studying feasibility of project with aspect of local development using without negative impacts  on natural resources.

(2)      To perform operation and maintenance of the existing irrigation facilities and irrigation networks for effective and efficient utilization of agricultural water.

(3)      To undertake construction, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of flood protection dikes and polders.

(4)      To undertake construction and rehabilitation of small embankments and tanks to fulfill the safety of drinking water and greening of areas in accordance with necessity of locality.

(5)      To provide technical assistance for operation and maintenance of Village Embankment and Village Irrigation works.

(6)      To involve the land consolidation process with other relevant departments including of systematic and effective water management practice.

(7)      To conduct the training to farmers in water user groups for enhancement of irrigation technologies together with irrigation water use efficiency.

(8)      To make sure for fully supply of irrigation water in pumped irrigation projects.

(9)      To supply more irrigation water from pumped irrigation projects and ground water tube wells in Central Dry Zone, especially in Sagaing Region, Magway Region and Mandalay Region.

(10)    To extend ground water exploration works to fulfill irrigation water and domestic water without negative impacts on natural resources.

(11)    To convert from diesel driven pumped irrigation projects to electric power driven pumped irrigation project depending on availability of Electric power.

(12)    To educate water saving technologies for farmers in pumped irrigation projects and ground water tube wells sites.